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Large Scale Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine with Oxyfuel Gas Cutting

Large scale gantry cnc plasma cutting machine is able to cut extra large sizes metal sheets like 3.5x12 meters. With enhanced beam and high precision guide rails, this large scale plasma cutter moves stable and smooth.

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  • U-PC2500L/3000L/3500L


What is gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine?

Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine is one type of cnc plasma cutters, it is designed for large size metal sheets, usually the machine only has one enhanced beam stands on unlimited length rails. The beam utilizes widen and thicker steel tube structure, so it runs stably and has high positioning accuracy. It is widely used in ship building industry, heavy machinery, chemical equipment, boiler manufacturing, locomotive and vehicle, petrochemical and other manufacturing industries.

Unique CNC large scale gantry type CNC Plasma Cutting Machines have three models according to the X-Axis cutting size, which are U-PC2500L (X-axis cutting size is 2500mm), U-PC3000L and U-PC3500L, Y-axis cutting size usually between 6 meters and 12 meters. It can equips with single or multi plasma or oxy-fuel troches for multi pieces metal sheet cutting, besides, it is able to add a drilling head for drilling 3.2-12mm diameter holes.  

Demo Video of Unique CNC Gantry CNC Plasma Cutter:


Features of gantry type large scale CNC plasma cutting machine:

1. Thick steel-welded gantry ensures good heat dissipation without deformation.
2. The gear-rack driving motions without engagement gap ensure the machine running smooth at high speed.
3. Advanced SHANGHAI FLMC or STARFIRE control system, the file incision and export automatic correction , real-time tracking detection of plasma power in the process of cutting current. What is more, it has the function of automatically memorizing and restoring when power off.
4. The machine utilizes sensitive THC (torch height control) ,it can adjust the cutting distance automatically.
5. Multiple cutting torches can be configured. Both flame and plasma torches are optional to meet the needs of cutting different materials in a range of thickness.

Parameters of large size CNC plasma cutter:

Model No.
X-Axis Cutting size
Y-Axis Cutting size
6-12 meters
Cutting Speed
Plasma Cutting Thickness
Flame Cutting Thickness
Power source
China Huayuan LGK63A/100A /120A /160A /200A/300A
US Hypertherm Powermax 45A /85A /105A /125A /200A 
Working position accuracy
File output mode
USB interface
Command Code
G code/*.MMG/*.PLT/*.eng
Control System
Driving System
LEADSHINE stepper motor (Servo motors are optional)
Power Supplier
American Hypertherm or China Huayuan
Relay accessories
X Guide Rail
HIWIN square orbit
THC( torch height controller )
Cutting Torch Lifting Mode
Arc Voltage Height Controller
Plasma Torch
Hypertherm /Blackwolf/ XF
Nesting Software