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8 Axis Steel Tube And Beam Cutting Bevelling Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine

8 axis cnc plasma cutting machine provides 3D profiling solutions. It can cut and bevel various steel tubes, channel steel and angle steel.
* Angel steel cutting and beveling
* Chanel steel cutting and beveling
* Round/square/rectangle/oval pipe cutting and beveling
* H steel cutting and beveling

PDF Export

  • U-PC3020-8A


Application Of The Steel Cutting Bevelling CNC Plasam Cutting Machine

8 axis cnc cutting sample 2

Demo video of the Steel Cutting Bevelling Plasma CNC Cutter

Unique CNC 8 Axis Steel Cutting Bevelling CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Parameters 

Model No. U-PC320-8A U-PC420-8A U-PC500-8A
Max.diameter 320mm 420mm 500mm 600mm
Max.width  226mm
Max.load capacity 1500kg
Length 6m/8m/12m (other lengths are customized)
Cutting mode Plasma cutting (Option: oxyfuel cutting) 
Cutting speed 100-6000mm/min for plasma cutting, 100-750mm/min for oxyfuel cutting
Moving speed 10-8000mm/min
Driving system  Servo driving for 8 axis 
Bevel cutting range Plasma: 45 degrees,   oxyfuel (gas cutting): 60 degrees
Cutting thickness Depends on the plasma source and material
Clamping way Front and rear chucks (pneumatic or manual chucks) 
Cutting accuracy ± 0.5mm/4000mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.25mm/8000mm
Voltage 220V±10% /380V±10% 
Environment requirement

Temperature: -10-50℃

Humidity: ≤80%

Samples made by the 8 axis cnc bevelling cutting plasma cutter

cnc bevelling cutting plasma

cnc plasma tube channel beam cutting