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CNC Router

How to choose the best CNC Router?

Type of the CNC Router

CNC Routers have different types. If classification by axis quantity, have 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis, if by functions, have woodworking cnc router, EPS milling cnc router, stone carving cnc router, aluminum cutting and engraving cnc router and so son, if by tools changing way,have manual tool changing cnc, auto tool changing cnc. When we intend to buy a CNC Router, we should specify what materials will it process, how many tools are needed to finish my workpieces. 

Working area of CNC Router

Working area needed is up to the workpiece size. For panel furniture woodworking, popular sizes are 4x8ft,5x10ft and 6 3/5x10ft,these three sizes are popular in EPS molds processing industry as well. We can customize sizes cnc routers.

Spindles of CNC Router

Spindle is one of the most important part of a cnc router machine,just like the engine of the car. Spindles have water cooled and air cooled.Using which type spindle depends on what materials will be processed,your location temperature,the maintenance cost and continuous working hours.

Different spindles has different collets sizes, you need to make a decision on the size of the collet and size of bits tooling. Most spindles on CNC Routers are permanetly greased bearings.

Tools changing way

If process complicated designs, ATC machine is a good partner,it equips with multi tools can be changed automatically quickly. We have linear type ATC and circle type ATC for choice. 

Driving way 

Basic cnc router machines usually use stepper driving,advanced machines usually use servo driving.

The stepper motor moves based on pulses and does not generally receive feedback from actual location. Servos are constantly being monitored and correct position if necessary. Router servos also generally provide higher torque capabilities as well, but they also come with a much higher cost. Machine with servo motors` speed is faster than stepper.