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5 Axis CNC Router

Unique CNC manufacturers two types 5 Axis CNC Routers: A series and B series, A series 5 Axis CNC Router machines are large scales with fixted table and movable gantry while B series feature movable table and fixed gantry,usually B series working dimensions are no bigger than 4x8ft. 

Applicable industries and materials of 5 Axis CNC Router maching center:

  • Composite industry: carbon fiber,fiberglass,plastic,rubber products,vacuum formed ABS,trimming,drilling or slotting.

  • Aerospace industry: plane parts drilling,cutting,milling,bevelling and trimming,

  • Mould industry: styrofoam mould, fiberglass mould,wood mould,foam mould,epoxy tooling board, resin,plastocene mould,aluminum mould,copper mould manufacturing or prototyping

  • Porcelain bathroom industry: gypsum,ceramic,marble cutting or prototyping

  • Furniture industry: solid wood furniture,chairs,antique furniture manufacturing

Advantages of Unique CNC 5 Axis CNC Router Maching Center:

  • All our five axis cnc routers have extremely reasonable design, heavy-duty,rigid,durable machine frame.

  • All components are world-famous brands,durable and longest lifespan.

  • Control systems has RTCP(rotate tool center point) function.Working speed,travelling speed and cutting speed can all be controlled separately,dramatically improve productivity and finish quality.

  • Z-axis height can be extended to cater for extra-large and extra-thick 3D processing.

  • Various worktables and fixtures are available for different materials.