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  • Some common precautions when using laser cutting machine

    When operating the laser cutting equipment, it is necessary to wear the corresponding protective equipment, such as laser glasses (the laser is invisible light, which will cause serious damage to the eyes, so it is strictly prohibited to look directly at the laser beam, it is necessary to wear protective glasses), gloves, protective fences, etc., and if necessary, a protective mask.
  • How do you SHIP your plasma tables?

    We have a couple different ground freight carriers. The shipped plasma table base model set consists of one main crate for the table and a small, elongated wooden crate for the linear guide rails.
  • How long does the solution last?

    A single 7 pound bag of anti-rust solution alone lasts between 3 months to a year depending how often the plasma table is used with a ratio of 1.5 lbs for every 100 Gallons.


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