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  • Common faults and solutions of fiber laser cutting head
    Fiber laser head is a rather important part of a fiber laser cutting machine, when the head can not work normally, whole cutting will be affected. This article list some common fault of the cutting head and solutions.
  • Steel fiber laser cutting common problems and solutions
    When cutting steel or SS with the fiber laser cutting machine, the operators may meet various problems, this article list some common problems of steel cutting and the solutions.
  • What is auto focus for fiber laser cutting machine?
    Sometimes metal sheets are not completely flat. Our “Auto Focus” system is highly efficient and regulates the focus length controlled by a sensor on the laser head automatically. This sensor detects the gap between the nozzle and the material surface at all times. As the cutting process begins the sensor will track the contour of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z-axis keeping a constant focus point assuring clean and polished edges.
  • How to maintenance a fiber laser cutting machine?
    To ensure the optimal performance and longevity of a fiber laser cutting machine​, regular maintenance is essential. Here are some steps you can follow for maintenance.
  • How to maintenance water chiller for fiber laser cutting machine?
    Why does fiber laser equipments need a chiller?The main working principle of fiber laser equipment is to convert electrical energy into light energy. Because the conversion between different forms of energy is not 100% efficient, while some of the electrical energy is converted into light energy, an
  • Epoxy Tooling Board 3D Patterns and Moulds CNC Milling Cutting Machine U-R2030-5A
    We appreciate our European client ordered this powerful 5 axis mould cnc router. This client has rigid requirements of machine working precision. To get highest precision, we used most advanced machines and tools to process the machine body,and every component is world famous brand with best quality
  • 1300x1300x650mm 4 axis woodworking CNC Router with swing spindle is ready ship to Australia
    4-axis cnc router involves the same process as 3-axis machining, where a cutting tool is used to remove material from the workpiece to create the desired shape and contour. However, for 4-axis machining, processing is performed on an additional axis.A 4-axis CNC router operates on the X, Y, and Z ax
  • Large size Auto tools changing CNC Routers for PP and HDPE plastics cutting are ready to ship to USA
    Our client would like to load 2 pieces 4x8ft plastic sheets on the cutting table, so he required the machines working size at 2500x2500mm. By this size, the ATC plastic cutting machines are not able to load into the container (container width is 2300mm only), so we designed a split type table which can split to two parts when load the container. The linear tools changer with 12 pieces tools fixed at back of the table, thus will not affect the Z-axis feeding height.
  • Solid Furniture CNC Nesting Router With ATC And Aluminum Plate Vacuum Table
    This solid wooden furniture CNC cutting machine utilizes aluminum plate vacuum table instead of normal hard PVC vacuum table. The aluminum table can support 2000KG solid wood without any deformation, guarantee the machine precision. 12 tools auto changer. | Unique CNC, manufacturer of various CNC Routers.|
  • 5 Axis CNC Router Machining Center Applications
    The 5 Axis ATC CNC Router can be used in solid wood furniture industry, wood, aluminum, styrofoam 3D mould industry, composites processing, vacuum forming industry, bathroom industry, stone profiling and special material industry.
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