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Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Steel Sheets Plates

U-PC1530 metal sheet CNC Plasma cutter is the most popular and entry level metal cutting machine supplied by Unique CNC, it is high cost-effectIve and with stable performance.

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  • U-PC1530


U-PC1530 metal sheet CNC Plasma cutter is the most popular and entry level metal cutting machine supplied by Unique CNC, it is high cost-effective and with stable performance. Standard effective cutting size is 1500x3000mm (5x10ft), equips with Starfire controller, torch height controller,water table or fan table for smokes removing and the flame torch as an option. If need marking and drilling functions, this metal plate plasma machine can install the marking head and drilling head with extra cost.

The Starfire controller has some simple designs inside, like circle,square and so on, users can just pick up them from the controller, set the sizes then cut directly. We also supply Starcam nesting software with the plasma cutter machine, it reads DXF and other vector files,then generate G code. For users who are not able to make drawings by autoCAD, they can make simple drawings by the Starcam software.

U-PC1530 CNC plasma cutting machine is ideal for cutting different thickness metal plates like iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and so on.

U-PC1530 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Video

This video shows steel and aluminum cutting by 200A Huayuan plasma source. 


Technical Parameter of Affordable Steel Sheets CNC Plasma Cutting Machine U-PC1530

Model No.

U-PC1530 CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Cutting Size
5x10ft (1500x3000mm), 1500x6000mm, 20000x6000mm are optional 
Cutting Thickness Of Plasma Torch 1-30mm, depands on the plasma source power 
Cutting Thickness Of Flame Torch 30-200mm
Plasma Source Power

China Huayuan 63A/100A/120A/200A/300A

US Hypertherm 45A/85A/105A/125A/200A

Water table or fan table
Control Mode
CNC control
Driving System Stepper (Servo is optional)
Load-free Moving Speed 8,000mm/min
Controller Starfire
G code
Auto Arc Voltage THC
Transmission Linear square guide rails, rack and pinion 
Nesting Software Starcam or Fastcam 
Cutting Table Voltage 220V/1 Phase or 3 Phase

Samples of the Affordable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine For Steel Sheets Plates

          cnc plasma cutting sample

FAQs of the Inexpensive CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Q: What are the consumable parts of the cnc plasma cutting machine? How can I get the consumable parts?

A:  The consumable parts are nozzle and electrode. Different thickness need different nozzles. You can buy them from us or by other way. 

Q: How does the structure build? Is it strong enough?

A: All Unique CNC plasma machines structures are welded by thick steel tubes. They are heavy-duty for industrial purpose. The guide surfaces and screws holes are all milled and drilled by metalworking maching center, so the precision is guaranteed.

Q: What is the cooling way of the plasma sources?

For the plasma sources below 120A, they are self air cooling, for the ones over 120A, we supply water chiller for cooling the plasma sources. 

Q: Do you supply air compressor?

A: The machines default configuration do not have air compressor,but we would like to help you purchase it in China. 

Q: When deliver the machine, is it a whole or disassembled?

A: The standard 1500x3000mm CNC plasma cutter is packed by a whole. If machine has rotary device for cutting tube, have to disassemble it to load into shipping container.