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4 Axis CNC Router

What is a 4-axis CNC router?

The 4-axis router has all the same axes as a 3-axis router plus the additional A-axis. The A-axis can rotate the spindle around X-axis up to 180 degrees (± 90 degrees), or the A-axis can be a lathe / rotary which can rotate 360 degrees. The 4th axis allows cuts to be executed on multiple sides of the workpiece without resetting, while a 3-axis router can only perform cuts to one side of the same piece at a time.

4-axis CNC Router applications

  • Mould industry, like ship,vessel,car,plane,etc molds processing.

  • Furniture industry, sofa armrest, antique furniture, furniture parts, bent chair cutting,etc.

  • Pattern industry, people, animals figure and statue, objects duplicate, etc.

  • Musical instruments industry

  • Bathroom industry, basin trimming, bathroom facilities processing, etc.

  • Others.