• Jinan UNIQUE CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd, CNC routers
    Professional CNC Routers Supplier
    Since 2007
    Manufacturer of standard and customized CNC Routers
    Manufacturing customized and stable CNC routers
  • CNC plasma cutters
    Various plasma cutting solutions
    Many kinds of plasma power sources,
    For fast and fine cutting, thick and thin steel sheets
  • CNC laser cutting and engraving machine
    Fast and accurate CO2 laser cutting
    We focus on fast, reliable laser machines
    Following our CONSISTENT manufacturing spirit.

Unique CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Unique CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. is based in Jinan City, China. We envision, engineer, manufacture and market CNC routers, CNC Plasmas and CNC lasers.The products are widely used in wood and plastic furniture production, sign making, metal cutting,arts and gifts, EPS wood aluminum mould making and many other industries.

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About Us

With many years of experience in advanced electronics, mechanical design and industrial automation, we focus on integrating advanced technology and value into systems that are highly productive, easy to use and built to last. We strive toward exemplary customer satisfaction and employee career fulfillment. We will yield long-term benefit for Unique CNC Brand, Unique CNC employees and our partners.

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Whether your shop is large or small, we make a solution for every budget! Our philosophy has always been "The customer comes first" and with that we always endeavor to bring something extra to the relationship.

CEO of Unique CNC