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High Precision 5 Axis CNC Routing Machine For Fiberglass Carbon Fiber And Composites

The 5 axis cnc router can process a variety of glass fiber, carbon fiber, composites, epoxy tooling board,solid wood,etc., a multi-step multi-angle, high-efficiency, processing, etc.

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  • U-R2030-5A


Parameters of high precision 5 Axis CNC routing machine for fiberglass and composites

Model No.

U-R2030-5A high precision 5 axis cnc router


A variety of glass fiber, carbon fiber, composites, epoxy tooling board,solid wood,etc., a multi-step multi-angle, high-efficiency, processing, etc.


The machine base and the beam gantry are welded by thick steel tube with enhanced bones inside, Z axis and two stands under beam are cast iron

Control axis

Spindle move left and right (crosswise stroke), move right is X+

Gantry move forward and backward(lengthways stroke),move forward is Y+

Spindle move up and down(vertical direction), move up is Z+


X、Y、Z、B、C are all control axis, 5 axis move together, X/Y/Z axis use square linear guide rail, Y/Z axis use ball screw, X axis use screw rack, B/C axis use high rigidity RV structure transmission.

Original point of control

X axis: center of spindle locate at the left of working table

Y axis: center of spindle locate at the rear of the working table

Effective working area

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


A axis


C axis

± 360°

Machine dimension


Moving speed

No-loading moving speed

X axis


Y axis


Z axis


A axis


C axis


Working speed

X axis fast working speed


Y axis fast working speed


Z axis fast working speed


A axis


C axis


Working table structure

Cast steel table with T-slots, biggest load capacity,no deformation forever (Optional: aluminum table or vacuum table)

Machine head

5 axis head

DEMAS L type 5 axis head
Spindle Original Italy HITECO ATC spindle

Spindle power

8/12 KW

Spindle rotating speed


Tool shank model


Cooling type



free of lubrication system is equipped with spindle


geometric accuracy


Repositioning accuracy


NCcontrol system


SYNTEC system with RTCP function


Refer to related documents please



Comprehensive control cabinet with wheel


At the front of machine

Machine structure and NC speciality

The main body of the machine is soldered, and the advanced heat treatment process and precision processing and manufacturing process are used, high-precision five faces machining center, high-precision processing, to ensure that machine tools have persistent stability, accuracy and higher strength, static And dynamic rigidity, and have good shock absorption, thermal stability and impact, ensuring the high rigidity and heavy load of the workpiece. CNC system adopted human chance, menu selection and background editing, programming function is rich, easy to learn, large memory capacity, complete diagnostic function, the alarm information display, convenient maintenance, pitch compensation, tool compensation function

Quality guarantee

Guide rail of machine are all adopted with Taiwan dust-proof and mute guide rail and ball screw, all servo motor are all from JAPAN YASKAWA, all main electric accessories are all adopted world famous brands.

Necessary power supply


3 phase 380V,50/60HZ


around 38KW

Air source

0.6MPa dry and no oil

Structural features of this U-R3030-5A 5 Axis CNC Router machine for fiberglass carbon fiber composites:

Steel worktable secured to the ground, with T-slots for mounting fixtures to secure the work piece in place.

Beam with gantry movement along the “shoulders” on ground rides and roller sliding block assemblies;the drive assembly consists of a pinion and rack system with rack precision to hundredths, with high precision reduction gears; the motorization is by world famous brushless motors.

5 axis cnc routing machine for carbon glass

Spindle carriage manufactured from iron casting and moving on roller sliding block assemblies; the drive assembly consists of a precision pinion and rack system powered by a brushless motor. The spindle cylinder (Z axis) is positioned vertically on the inside of the carriage and is moved by a ball screw transmission system. Provided with a pneumatic balancing system.

iron steel carriage of spindle

Birotary head for 5-axis machining. The head has a symmetrical structure and consists of two main structural elements, the first (C axis) for ± 220° rotation around its own vertical axis and the second element (A axis) rotating from 0° to ±115° and housing the high-frequency spindle. Rotation transmission are provided by brushless motors.

5 axis heads

Machine body and beam have bones inside the steel tubes,enhance the strucutre rigidity and strength, the structure will not deform forever.

5 axis cnc machine structure

Frontal protection barrier consisting of a series of sliding doors with manual opening; doors are made from structure and are provided with wide inspection ports. The rear part of the milling centre is closed by a set of steel plate panels.

5 axis cnc machine doors

Independent control console at front of the machine, convenient to move and operate. 

movable control console