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Automatic Feeding CNC Router Machine For Panel Furniture Production Line

Auto loading, nesting, drilling, tools changing and unloading make this machine very high throughout. Decrease human error and waste, save labor. Great help for cabinets, closets, doors and custom furniture.

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  • U-R1330-A


Demonstration Video of Fully Automatic Cabinet Door Kitchen CNC Machine


Applications of Fully Automatic CNC Nesting Machine:

1. Furniture Industries

Cabinet doors,closets,doors,windows,tables,chairs,customized furniture and so on.

2. Decoration Industries

Waveboards, slatwall panel, wall hanging,advertisement board and so on.

Functions of Cabinets Auto CNC Nesting Machine:

1. Auto feeding

2. Auto vertical drilling (5+4 drills)

3. Auto nesting

4. Auto tools changing

5. Auto locating

6. Auto lubricate 

7. Auto switching to different sizes panels when auto loading

Main features of Unique Automatic CNC Panel Furniture Production Line: 

1. Heavy duty structure, machine body and gantry are tempered,reduce the excess hardness, increase the toughness of steel, whole machine will not deform forever. 

2. Anti-rust treatment of the structures, after at least two layers painting, the looks are smooth,beautiful and durable.

3. All the parts on the machine are famous brand and toppest quality,like original Schneider electrical components, Airtec air components, original Delta limits, Germany materials made cables, etc.

4. 2M grinding high precision and high speed helical gear racks,guarantee machine`s high cutting speed and precision.

5. Well organized cables,wires all with labels, so in the future if machine break,we can find out the problem and fix it immediately.

6. Advanced lubricate system can avoid the liquid leaking or backflowregorge.

7. Professional testing equipments makes the machine higher precision than industry standard, the X,Y and Z levelness and verticality are all adjust by laser plumb instrument, the errors are within 0.03mm. 

8. Automatic double dust collecting system. The front dust collecting system is for the cutting spindle while the back dust collecting for the wood panels pushing system. After double dust collecting, no any chips or exhaust escape, give your factory totally clean environment. 

9. Dual cylinders locating system for different size panels. We can set different panel sizes in the controller, the locating system will be active according to different panel sizes. 

Specifications of Unique CNC Auto Feeding CNC Production Line:




U-R1330-A auto loading and unloading cnc nesting machine

Traveling size

1300x3000x300mm  (Other sizes are optional)


9KW air cooled, 0-24000rpm,HSD brand, ISO 30 holder, ER32 collet


Taiwan made guide rails, X and Y axis are 30mm width, Z axis is 25mm width

X and Y axis are all transmit by Taiwan made 2M gear rack, Z axis is transmit by Taiwan made TBI or PMI brand ball screws

Tool magazine

Circle type auto tool changer drove by servo motor, 16 tools


Vacuum table

Dust collector

5.5KW, two bags

Control system

Syntec 60WE controller

Lubricate system

Electrical auto lubricate

Locating pop-up pins

Three sets at side, two sets at front

Tool sensor

High sensitive tool sensor


220V/380V/3 Phase/50Hz




Travel size


Travelling speed


Working speed


Machine error


Running Environment

Temperature: -10~55 degrees, Relative Humidity: 30%~75%

Auto Loading table

Size: 1200x2400mm

Structure material: Manganese steel 

Hydraulic fluid: 46#

Voltage: 380V



Auto unloading table


Size: 1300x2500x700mm


Moving speed: 0-25m/min

Sensor protector included


closet 1 closet 3