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1300x1300x650mm 4 axis woodworking CNC Router with swing spindle is ready ship to Australia

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What is spindle swing/rotate type 4 Axis CNC Router? 

4-axis cnc router involves the same process as 3-axis machining, where a cutting tool is used to remove material from the workpiece to create the desired shape and contour. However, for 4-axis machining, processing is performed on an additional axis.

A 4-axis CNC router operates on the X, Y, and Z axes like a 3-axis CNC router, but it also includes rotation around the X axis, called the A axis. This is the 4th axis added in our machining process.

4-axis milling is useful when you need to make holes and cuts around the side of a workpiece or around a cylinder. They can provide fast and efficient work based on computer numerical input for precise results.

4-axis CNC router has all the same axes of a 3-axis router, plus an additional A-axis that rotates the spindle 180 degrees around the X-axis during cutting. This rotary axis allows cuts to be performed on multiple sides of a workpiece without resetting, whereas a 3-axis router can only perform cuts on one side of the same workpiece at a time. 4-axis CNC routers good choice for advanced, complex cutting and engraving, such as the furniture, musical instruments, cabinets, etc cutting, milling and engraving.

4 axis wood cnc router

Main configurations of the U-R1313-4 four axis wood cutting cnc router

1). 4.5KW water cooling spindle, 0-24000rpm,ER 25 (it can hold maximum Φ18mm tools shanks)

2). Spindle can rotate 0-180 degrees.

3). 850W servo driving

4). Shimpo reducers

5). Syntec 60W-E four axis controller with handwheel

6). Combined vacuum and T-slot table,can hold materials by both clamps and suction