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Large size Auto tools changing CNC Routers for PP and HDPE plastics cutting are ready to ship to USA

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Our client from USA manufactures RGB and pixel products, and is the most comprehensive and premier supplier for the DIY holiday lighting community. This great company purchased 6 sets 3 shifts spindles CNC Routers from us in the past 5 years, this year they are building new factory to expand their business. The two new ATC CNC plastic cutting machines will be placed in their new factory. 

linear ATC cnc router for plastic cutting

Our client would like to load 2 pieces 4x8ft plastic sheets on the cutting table, so he required the machines working size at 2500x2500mm. 

By this size, the ATC plastic cutting machines are not able to load into the container (container width is 2300mm only), so we designed a split type table which can split to two parts when load the container.  The linear tools changer with 12 pieces tools fixed at back of the table, thus will not affect the Z-axis feeding height. 

Piror to ordering these two machines, client has been worry about the controller was not compatible with his designing software Vcarve Pro postprocess.  After researching, we found weihong NK280B controller has very good compatibility with Vcarve postprocess, so finally we confirmed NK280B controller, this controller supports absolute encoder servo, with this type servo, machine no need back to mechnical 0 point when working. In order to guarantee the absolute security and stability, we also installed NPN sensors, so in the future, if the absolute encoder battery die suddenly, the machine will not lose the 0 point. In other words, these two machines have double safety systems.