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How to fabricate the 5 Axis cnc milling machine structures?

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As we all know, 5 axis cnc routers have rigid requirements of the machine structures include machine body, bridge and Z axis. How does Unique CNC build and process the 5 axis cnc structures to guarantee the stable performance, high precision and longest lifespan?

1. Body and bridge welding according to drawings,during this step, will use a gradienter to detect the vertical and horizontal levelness.

5 axis cnc router body welding

2. High temperature tempering , after tempering, the metal body become red color and harder

5 axis cnc milling machine bridge tempering

5 axis cnc cutter

3. Milling the surface (on the surface will install rails and racks) by a professional 5 faces machining center, then drill holes (holes for install the rails and racks).

5 axis cnc router body milling and drillig

4. Sanding the metal structures to remove the rust, then pain base painting and surface painting

5 axis router painting