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What is RTCP for 5 Axis CNC Router

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RTCP, in the high-end 5 Axis CNC system, thinks that RTCP is Rotated Tool Center Point, which is what we often call the tool tip follow function. RTCP represents a tool compensation in the space.In five-axis machining, when the trajectory focuses on the tool nose point and the workpiece, the additional movement of the tool nose point occurs due to the rotary motion. The control points of the CNC system often do not coincide with the tool nose points, so the CNC system should automatically correct the control points to ensure that the tool nose points move according to the commanded trajectory. This technology is also called TCPM, TCPC or RPCP and other functions in the industry. In fact, the function definitions of these names are similar to RTCP. Strictly speaking, the RTCP function is used in the double swing head structure, and the center point of the swing head rotation is used for compensation. The function similar to RPCP is mainly applied to the machine tool in the form of double turntable, and the compensation is the change of the linear axis coordinates caused by the rotation of the workpiece. In fact, these functions have the same goal in different ways, all of which are to keep the tool center point and the actual contact point between the tool and the workpiece surface unchanged. Therefore, for the convenience of expression, this article unifies such technology as RTCP technology.

With RTCP machine, the operator does not have to align the workpiece precisely with the axis of the turntable, and can fix the workpiece at will, the machine can automatically compensates for offset, greatly reducing auxiliary time and improving machining accuracy. At the same time, the post-process is simple, just need to output the tools nose point coordinates and vectors.

5 axis cnc router with RTCP