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Auto feeding CNC wood nesting router with ATC and boring is ready to ship to Israel

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auto feed cnc wood router with boring head

Our client Mr.Ribhi is owner of a furniture factory in Israel,he would like to purchase an auto feeding auto tools changing with boring CNC machine to improve his business, after many days investigation and comparison,he choosed Unique CNC as his partner in China. We are appreciate to be the winner from dozens of vendors. 

Mr.Ribhi`s factory uses four sizes wooden panels which are 1220x2440mm, 1220x3050mm, 1350x3050mm and 1350x2440mm, so we suggest him the machine working size 1350x3050mm.  He had the expection to intall an aggregate head to drill horizontally in the future, which need higher Z feeding distance, so we suggest the circle type auto tools changer place at side of the gantry (this design does not cover Z distance), and made the Z feeding 300mm. 

For multi-sizes wooden panels processing, it is very import to divide the vacuum table zones reasonably. In order to hold different sizes wood panels by strongest suction, we divide the whole table to 10 zones which is as following photo:

cnc vacuum table division

Mr.Ribhi would like to control different vacuum table zones by solenoid valve,so we installed 10 pieces copper solenoid valves instead of normal manual valves. 

solenoid valves of cnc

manual valves of cnc router

control buttons of vacuum valves

After auto loading the panel to the cnc cutting table, prior to cutting, the panel has to be pushed to exact position, this auto feeding cnc wood router installed two cylinders pushing system, one pushing system for smaller wood while the other for larger wood. 

Main configurations of the fully automatic feeding cnc woodworking router:

1.1350x3500x300mm travel size

2. Italy HSD9.0KW air cooled spindle, 0-24000rpm, ISO 30 

3. Circle type auto tools changer, 16 tools,place at side of the gantry. 

4. Yaskawa 850W servo for X,Y and Z axis. Z axis has brake function to avoid the Z axis falling down when power off suddenly.

5. Delta 11KW B series inverter.

6. Taiwan guide rails,blocks and ballscrews. 

7. Boring head, 5+4 vertical drills.

8. Syntec controller with wireless handwheel.

9. 6 sets pop-up pins, 4 sets at side,2 sets at front. 

10. Auto tools sensor

12. Auto locating

13. Auto loading and unloading

14. Auto lubricating 

15. Vacuum table, thickness 35mm. 

16. Heavy duty structure, tempering heat treatment.