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What is an aggregate?

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aggregate for cnc

An aggregate or angle head is a device that is attached to the CNC spindle to allow the user to rout, drill or cut at different angles other than where the spindle is orientated. They are almost always used in conjunction with a tool change format like ISO,HSK or BT.

The use of aggregates on CNC machining centers greatly increases the versatility, capability and the overall value of the machine.

CNC spindles in most all cases are always mounted at a right angle to the machine table so there are two distinct reasons to add aggregate to your machine – to change the direction of the spindle (meaning the way the tool is orientated to the workpiece) and to add a new operation to the machine, like mortising, tenoning, sawing or cutting soft materials with a reciprocating knife.

Having a C or a fourth axis on a CNC machine is not necessarily a requirement for the use of aggregates. A three-axis machine could make very good use of a four-way, 90-degree aggregate. This would allow the user to machine in X+ and X-, also Y+ and Y-. However, many aggregates are relatively useless without a C axis.