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Small 600x900mm CNC Router with 4th rotary for wood, aluminum, sign making

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6090 small cnc router with 4th rotary is the best hobby CNC machine for small shopes,home business and craftsman. It can cut and engrave 3D on wood,MDF,acrylic,PVC,aluminum,copper,circuit board,stone,cermaic,etc.

Features of 4th Rotary Axis Hobby CNC Router Kit:

1. The CNC 6090 router 4th axis machine adopts 2.2KW water cooled spindle with 0-24000rpm, ER20 collet, which is able to hold Φ12.7mm tools.

2. The rotary CNC 6090 adopts aluminum T-slot table with PVC cover, holding the materials with clamps.

3. The cnc router 6090 4 axis utilizes DSP four axis controller, X,Y,Z and rotary can work simultaneously. Besides, the controller has breakpoint-continue function. Also can equip with Mach4, Nc-studio controllers as options.

4. The whole 6090 CNC sign making machine is welded by seamless steel.

5. The craft making small 4 axis cnc 6090 router uses ball screws transmit on X,Y and Z axis, stable working, high precision and long span life.

6. Compatible with various CAD/CAM softwares like Artcam,Powermill, Rhino, Aspire, Vcarve,Mastercam,etc.

7. X/Y axis have dust covers to avoid the dust or exhaust, which will keep rails and ball screws clean, make machine easier to maintenance.

Parameters of the Rotary 4th Axis CNC Router Kit for Sign Making with MDF, Wood, Aluminum:

Machine brand Unique CNC
Model No. U-R6090 small CNC Router with 4 axis
Working area 600x900x150mm 
Traveling positioning accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Machine structure Seamless steel tube welded
X,Y,Z transmit
Linear square guide rails + ballscrews 
No-load moving speed 0-30m/min
Cutting speed 0-15m/min
1.5KW/2.2KW/3.0KW water cooled spindle
Spindle speed
Driving system
Stepper motors and drivers
Working voltage
Controller DSP A18 four axis controller
Table  Aluminum T-slot table with PVC cover 
Software Artcam,Powermill,etc.
Rails lubricate system Included