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Fully Enclosed1000W-6000W Metal Fiber Laser Cutter with Exchange Table

The "fully-enclosed" design is safe for the operator, it also can keep the environment clean and reduce the noise. The exchange table adopts an up and down exchange platform, can finish the platform exchanging within 12s.

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  • U-FC3015E


Our U-FC3015E enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange table includes:

✔ 1000w to 6000w Raycus or Max Fiber Laser Source

✔ Compact&enclosure design

✔ 10' x 5' ft Working Area (1500x3000mm)

✔ Max. Acceleration 1.5G

✔ CypCut Professional Control Software with Nesting Function

✔ Raytools Dynamic Autofocus Laser Head (Swiss Brand)

✔ Yaskawa Japanese Servo Motor System

✔ Industrial Electronic Refrigerator Chiller

✔ Industrial Grade Blower

✔ PC with Pre-Installed System

Advantages of the "fully enclosed" design: 

  1. Operator Safety: The enclosure ensures the safety of the machine operator by preventing direct exposure to the laser beam, and  minimizes the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

  2. Environmental Safety: The enclosure helps contain the fumes, dust, and debris generated during the cutting process. The enclosure typically incorporates a ventilation system that captures and filters these emissions, maintaining a safe and clean working environment.

  3. Noise Reduction: The enclosure also aids in reducing the noise generated during laser cutting. Although fiber lasers are generally quieter compared to other laser types, enclosing the cutting area helps dampen the sound, making the working environment more comfortable.

Technicial parameters of the full-enclosed fiber laser cutter with exchange table:

ModelU-F3015E enclosed fiber laser cuttiner machine with exchange table
Laser typeFiber laser, 1080nm
Laser power1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, 4000W, 6000W
Fiber laser brandRaycus / MAX /IPG
Working area1500mm x 3000mm (5x10ft)
Min Line width0.1mm
Positioning accuracy0.05mm
Re-Positioning accuracy0.03mm
Max. Moving speed120m/min
Max acceleration speed1.5G
Transmission typePrecision dual gear rack transmission
Driving systemServe motors
Cutting thicknessDepending on laser power and material
Assisting gasCompressed air, oxygen and nitrogen
Cooling modeIndustrial circulation water chiller
Visual positioningRed dot


LASER SOURCE: Raycus,Max or IPG 1000w to 6000w Fiber Laser Source.

WORKING AREA: 10 x 5' ft. Full Sheet capacity

PIPE'S CUTTER SYSTEM: Supports 20' ft pipes. Adjustable to cut 20 to 220mm diameter. It adopts front and rear pneumatic clamps and can modulate the center automatically.

RAYTOOLS (Swiss Brand) DYNAMIC AUTOFOCUS SYSTEM: Sometimes metal sheets are not completely flat. Our “Auto Focus” system is highly efficient and regulates the focus length controlled by a sensor on the laser head automatically. This sensor detects the gap between the nozzle and the material surface at all times. As the cutting process begins the sensor will track the contour of the metal and adjust the nozzle in the z-axis keeping a constant focus point assuring clean and polished edges.

YASKAWA (Japanese Brand) SERVO MOTOR SYSTEM: High precision, detailed capacity, and speed are key elements to obtain the best quality when laser cutting, this is why CAMFive incorporates Japanese Mitsubishi or Yaskawa servo motors on the steel X and Y axis as well as digitally controlled Drivers. Servo technology is known for its high precision, smooth movements, and the ability to operate without cogging at a high speed.

PC, SOFTWARE, AND INTERFACE: Cypcut Last Version Included. Through a delicate and algorithmic own adaptation, our software uses Bezier's algorithmic curve to help to delineate vector edges in motion, while the speed increases it gets better curving within the range that is working. This algorithm can also avoid incineration or " burning" of material during the cutting process allowing to have a smoother finish on the cut pieces.

SUPPORTED FORMATS: Supports almost all the design and picture formats such as, bmp, gif, jpg, ai, oux, cut, dsb, dst, dxf, emd, nc, out, plt, smc and more.

ELECTRONIC WATER CHILLER UNIT (Included): The electronic water chiller helps to regulate the laser tube temperature while in operation by keeping the water at room temperature. This is a highly efficient unit that requires minimum maintains.

OXYGEN-NITROGEN-AIR VALVE: This system features oxygen, nitrogen, and air valves to regulate the gas flow, a filtration system that prevents water and dirt molecules to reach the lens, a smart air/oxygen flow system, that allows you to control when the gas comes out and an oxygen pressure indicator to make sure you are getting the right pressure you need to keep the best quality when cutting metal.