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Auto Tool Change CNC Wood Router For Wooden Door Cabinet

This ATC CNC Wood router features the tool changer attached to the gantry, fast tools changing speed.Combines the abilities of cutting, milling, trimming, drilling, carving and auto-unloading.

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  • U-R1325ATC-L


Auto Tool Change CNC Wood Router For Wooden Door Cabinet With Linear Tool Changer

This CNC Wood Router features a 4'x8' bed and a 12 tools linear automatic tool changer attched to the gantry to get the fastest tools changing speed. When changing the tools,the changer will be pushed forward to get close to the spindle in short time. This type linear ATC tool changer is most suitable for panel furniture production because it has a wood thickness limit.

Specifications of this CNC Wood Router With Linear Tool Changer

ItemStandard featuresOptions
Model No.U-R1325ATC-L
Bed structureThick steel tube welded,heat treatment
Cutting area4'x8' (1300x2500mm)


Distance between gantry and table surface200mm300mm
Wood thickness can be processed80mm

X and Y axis: helical rack and pinion

Z axis: ballscrews

Linear square guide rails

Driving AC Servo, 850W-1500W
Spindle9.0 KW12.0KW
Tools changer 12 pieces
Moving speed90m/min
Cutting speed20m/min or more 
Repeat accuracy0.01mm
TableVacuum table 

Compatible codeG code 
Tools set High sensitive tool sensor
Wood locationPop-up pins