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4 Axis Cnc Wood Carving Router Machine with Rotary Device

The CNC router with 4th rotary is designed for users who would like to process both flat wood and columns.The 4th rotary can rotate 360 degrees to make statues, figures, handles and furniture legs.

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  • U-R1325R


What is the 4th-Axis rotary on the CNC Router?

The U-R1325R four axis cnc router with rotary is a type of multifunctional CNC machine table with 4x8ft or 5x10ft working size. The machine combines the functions of panels cutting, engraving, drilling, grooving and columns surface engraving or milling.  Unique CNC always put the 4th lathe rotary at side of table, so it is convenient to load and unload the workpiece.

The 4th-Axis rotary of this wood CNC Router is composed of a 3-jaws or 4-jaws chuck, live center, tailstock, rail and stands, it located at the side of the machine body, it does not cover the plate table space, what is more, it is very convenient to load and unload the columns. Standard rotaries diameters are 150mm, 200mm,300mm or 400mm.


Features of the 4 Axis Cnc Wood Carving Router:

  • The machine equips with a 4th rotary locating at the side of the table,so no need to move the heavy rotary when use the flat table.What is more,very convenient to load and unload the workpiece.

  • It uses 4 axis controller instead of 3 axis controller. When we input the 4 axis file, the controller can recognize it is 3 axis or 4 axis automatically,no need to switch from 3 axis and 4 axis.

  • The 4 axis machine not only can make 2D or 3D relief on the surface of columns,but also can make irregular profiles like statue,figures,furniture legs and so on.

  • It reads G code generated by artcam,powermill,rhino,mastercam,vcarve,etc.

  • The whole 4 axis cnc router machine uses thick weld-steel, milled and drilled by professional machine center, so the surfaces for installing the rails are rather flat. High level machine body processing can guarantee the high precision and lower noise.

  • Taiwan made high quality linear square guide rails and ball screws on the wood cnc router with lathe attachment have the advantages of harder, higher precision, wear resistant, lower noise and longer life.

  • Famous and top quality water cooled or air cooled spindle for different functions and different operating environment, ensure longest lifespan and lowest maintenance cost.

  • DSP handheld control handle no need to connect with PC when working. Operators can set all the parameters on it. What is more, it is easy to learn and operate, especially for the users who have no PLC and programming experience.

  • The 4 axis wood carving machine can install various worktable for different jobs: T-slot table, vacuum table, combined table or water tables.

  • The 4 axis cnc router table equips with auto lubricate system. Lubrication is very important to all mechanical parts including Gears, Racks,Ball Screws, Runner Blocks, Bearings and so forth. Due to the fact that so many components require lubrication regularly, we have installed the one push lubrication system that ensures the lubrication of every component on our machines.

  • Using normal vehicle engine oil is advised. And all you have to do is refill the oil tank and push the pump lever once a week to ensure the oil reaches all the  necessary components.

Applications of the 4 axis cnc router for wood carving:

1. Woodworking industry: wood, MDF, solid wood, etc cutting and 3D engraving, wooden doors, cabinets, furniture legs, stairs, wall decorations, wooden lamp shells, photo frame, wooden statues and so on.

2. PVC furniture industry: PVC cutting, PVC windows and other furnitures.

3. Advertising: the machine can process all kinds of signs, nameplates, trademark, 3D letters, acrylic letters, souvenir and so on.

4. Soft metal 3D engraving, cutting and milling: aluminum carving,drilling and cutting, soft metal molds and decoration, bronze and copper mold processing and so on.

5. Other industries like phenolic duct cutting and so on.

Parameters of the 4 axis cnc router cutting machine:

Item Standard features Options
Model number U-R1325R
Bed structure All steel tube welded
Cutting area 4'x8' (1300x2500mm)

4'x4' (1200x1200mm),5'x10' (1500x3000mm),

6 1/2'x10' (2000x3000mm), 6 1/2'x13' (2000x4000mm)

Z feeding height 7 4/5" (200mm) 11 4/5" (300mm)
4th rotary size Diameter: 150-350mm

X and Y axis: helical rack and pinion

Z axis: ballscrews

Linear square guide rails

Driving  Stepper driving AC Servo 
Spindle 4.5KW 3.0KW/5.5KW/6.0KW/9.0KW, water cooled or air cooled
Controller DSP 4 Axis  Mach3/Ncstudio/Syntec
Table T-slot + Vacuum table Water tank table
Dust collect Included
Compatible code G code 
Voltage 220V/380V

Samples made by 4 Axis CNC Wood Carving Cutting Machine

4 axis cnc wood carving router sample

cnc router with lathe sample

furnitur legs 4 axis cnc