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4 Axis CNC Router With ATC For Wood Foam Mold

With high Z feeding and ± 90 degrees rotating spindle, the 4 axis cnc router cnc process most wood, foam molds and thick wood panels.

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  • U-R1530ATC-4


5'x10'High Z 4 Axis CNC Router With ATC 

The high Z 4 axis CNC Router is designed for business or shops that need to process thick material ± 90 degrees.A linear tools changer fix at back of the table will not affect the Z feeding height,it has the capacity to hold up to twelve bits. Depending on the end users applications, the spindle can be water cooled or air cooled from 9.0KW to 12.0KW.

ItemStandard featuresOptions
Bed structureThick steel tube welded
Cutting area5'x10' (1500x3000mm)

4'x4' (1200x1200mm), 4'x8' (1300x2500mm),

6 1/2'x10' (2000x3000mm)

Z feeding height19  3/5"  (500mm)500-700mm

X and Y axis: helical rack and pinion

Z axis: ballscrews

Linear square guide rails

Driving AC Servo 
Spindle9.0 KW
Spindle rotating degrees± 90 degrees
Tools changer 6-12 pieces
Moving speed45m/min
Cutting speed15m/min
Diagonal accuracy0-0.3mm
TableDepends on the applications.
Compatible codeG code 

Applicable materials

  • Wood,MDF,plywood,etc

  • Foam,styrofoam


  • Mold making

  • Furniture making

4 Axis CNC Router With ATC