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Large Scale CNC Laser Cutting Machine 1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm

The large scale CNC laser cutting machine can cut and engrave large plates 4x8ft or 5x10ft. Available laser tube powers are 60W,80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 240W and 300W. This machine engraves and cuts non-metal materials like MDF, wood, plywood, acrylic, organic glass,rubber, leather,paper and so on.

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  • U-L1325/1530


Main features of Large Scale CNC Laser Cutting Machine 1300x2500mm/1500x3000mm 

1. The large scale CNC laser cutting machine can cut and engrave large plates 4x8ft or 5x10ft. 

2. CO2 laser tube power from 60W to 180W optional. Applicable for engraving and cutting various nonmetallic materials, like acrylic, plexiglass, wood, MDF, rubber, PVC, leather, paper, stone, glass, etc. 60-100W can do both engraving and cutting. Higher laser power like 130W and above mainly do cutting work.
3. Standard machines are stepper motor driving. Fast engraving speed up to 1200mm/sec.
4. The multifunctional acrylic wood mdf fabric leather rubber laser cutting engraving machine is a whole set machine including laser tube, water cooling system, air blowing pump, exhaust fan, etc. to ensure the machine is ready to run as soon as you receive it.

Specifications of large size laser cutter

Model No.
Working size (X * Y)
Laser power
Laser type
CO2 glass laser tube, wavelength 10.6μm, water-cooled
Engraving speed
Cutting speed
Resetting positioning accuracy
Min.engraving letter
220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ
Operating temperature
0 - 45°C
Operating humidity
Control system
Ruida system
Graphic format supported
*.plt, *.dst, *.dxf, *.bmp, *.dwg, *.ai, *.las
Software supported
CorelDraw, AutoCAD
Driving system
Stepper motor 
Work table
Knife table or honeycomb table
Red dot pointer
Water chiller, air pump, exhaust fan 

Details Images of Unique CNC CO2 laser cutting engraving machine

1. Ruida controller

Ruida controller for laser machine

Ruida controller equips function and number keys on the panel, makes the machine can work offline.

Color LCD display,can show the design, speed, laser power and other parameters.
Emergency button on top of the controller, can stop the machine immediately.

Current output meter on top of controller, so operators can monitor machine working condition.

2. RD Works software

laser machine Ruida controller
It supports various vector formats like PLT, AI, DXF,DWG, also supports BMP.
The software has many language options like English,Japanese,French,German,Polish,Portuguese,Spanish,Russian,
Korean, Vietnamese,Indonesian,Italian,Turkish,Arabic and Finnish.

RD works files can plug-in Coreldraw and autoCAD, thus Coreldraw or autoCAD can operate the machine directly.

3. Well-organized electrical components

All the components passed CE certificate.

All the components are famous brand and top quality.

4. Stable and strong driving system,big and strong stepper motor connects timing belt.

5. Taiwan made guide rails, on top of strong aluminum stands.

co2 laser machine

6. Red dot pointer. The red dot pointer can show the laser dot position.

7. 2 in 1 wheels

The four wheels can move the machine easily and fix the machine steady.

8. Knife worktable 

The knife worktable is suitable for putting hard materials like acrylic,wood,stone,glass and so on. The knife blade can reduce laser reflection. The knife bars are removable.  Under the knife table,there is a drawer,it can collect the cut off pieces.

11. Honeycomb worktable

The honeycomb worktable is suitable for putting soft materials like cloth,rubber,leather and so on.

12. Water chiller

Its function is cooling the laser tube. Different power laser tubes need different chillers. This is standard part of the machine.

13. Exhaust fan and pipe
Its function is remove the smell when cutting acrylic, leather, rubber and other materials.  This is standard part of the machine.

14. Air pump
This is standard part of the machine as well. Its functions are: cool the focus lens, blow away the exhaust,cool the cutting kerf.

Samples of laser engraving cutting machine

Packing & Delivery of CO2 laser engraving cutting machine