Making Car Mould By Unique CNC Router

  • 4-Axis Wood Styrofoam Mould CNC Router U-R2050

This new design mould CNC Router is widely used in wood and styrofoam moulds such as statues animals,cars,planes,boats and other moulds. The 180 degree rotate spindle can make most round and irregular moulds.

Foam Car Mold Manufacturing

  • 5-Axis CNC Router Machine Center

Five axis cnc router maching center can trim,slot,cut,carve composite materials,foam,wood,ceramic,marble,etc.

MDF CNC Cutting And Engraving Machine

  • Linear Auto Tool Change Woodworking CNC Router

8 tools arranged in a line,ideal for processing cabinets, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, musical instruments, etc. The machine equips with 9KW air cooled spindle vacuum worktable and dust collecting system.

Panel Furniture Drilling,Nesting And Cutting

  • Auto Loading&Unloading Panel Furniture Production Line

This machine equips with spindle for nesting, drill bank for drill and saw for cutting.The tables can load and unload wood automatically,location cylinders locate panels,vacuum table hold the panels automatically.

Woodworking Auto Tool Change

  • Carousel Auto Tool Change CNC Wood Router

8 or 12 tools arranged in a circle, faster tool change.Ideal for processing cabinets, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, musical instruments, etc. The machine equips with 9KW air cooled spindle vacuum worktable and dust collecting system.

Wood Door Cabinet Production

  • Unique CNC Nesting Machine with ATC and Drill Bank

Auto tool change,auto loading and unloading,auto drilling, money maker for panel furniture shops and factories. Design and produce the furnitures belong to yourself! Save labor, save cost,save materials. 9KW ATC spindle + 11 drills.

Wood Door CNC Nesting

  • 3 Auto Tool Change Spindles CNC Nesting Machine

Changing different tools by changing the spindles automatically. Economical replacement of ATC, specifical for furniture factories who have limited budget. Why spend money for a machine with 8 or 10 tools when you normally only use 3 or less.

Drill on PVC Header

  • Unique CNC Headers Drilling Router

This machine can mill and drill holes on headers pipes.Multi spindles can drill multi holes at a time.

Wood Statue Figure CNC Carving

  • Unique CNC Statue Carving Machine

This machine can make big statue and figures. Equiped with big servo motors and reducers.

Small Machine Auto Tool Change

  • 600x900mm ATC CNC Router

Small working size for making wood,acrylic or other crafts and gifts.

Stainless Steel Plasma Cutting

  • Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Portable design,can cut various sizes cast iron,steel,aluminum and other metal sheet. Can add torch height controller and a flame (oxy-fuel) head to cut thick metal sheets.

Cast Steel Plasma Cutting

  • Large Scale Gantry Type CNC Plasma Cutter

The gantry type plasma cutter length is unlimited,very suitable for large metal cutting,widely used in metal cutting industry,especially for big project.

Steel Plate& Pipe Plasam Cutting

  • Steel Pipe CNC Plasma Cutting

It can process both steel sheet plate and pipe tube. Can add flame cutting head as option. The rotary diameter is 100-500mm,standard flat cutting size is 5x10ft.

Furniture Legs Production

  • Two Spindles CNC Wood Turning Lathe

It has two spindles,can produce two furniture legs at a time.

Staircase Processing

  • Staircase CNC Wood Lathe

The machine has one spindle but two cutters,one for coarse cutting while the other for finishing.

4th Rotary Carving On Wood

  • 4-Axis Woodworking CNC Router

The 4th rotary part can make columns,statues and figures.

Marble/Granite 3D Carving

  • Stone 3D CNC Carving Machine

The stone cnc carving machine can make relief on stone,marble,granite,ceramic and so on.

Sofa Bed Chair Legs 3D Carving CNC Router

  • Wood CNC Router With Rotary

It can work on both wood sheet and columns,can make wood cabinets,doors,legs and so on.