China made CNC Router Buying Guide

What factors should I consider when i need to buy a new CNC Router?

  • What materials will the router process?  Because different materails need different configurations, you have to definate this.
  • What is the maximum sizes and thickness of my materials?  The router`s suppliers can recommend you the most suitable working size of the machine you need.
  • What is my budget?  For a mini type router, the price maybe 2000 dollars or less, for big complicated new routers,prices are up to several thousands dollars or more.

Typical features of one normal CNC Router

CNC Router drive system

  • Stepper motor and driver
  • Servo motor and driver

The stepper motor moves based on pulses and does not generally receive feedback from actual location. Servos are constantly being monitored and correct position if necessary. Router servos also generally provide higher torque capabilities as well, but they also come with a much higher cost. Machine with servo motors` speed is faster than stepper.

Transmit system

  • For small sizes routers, usually use ball screw as X,Y and Z axis`s transmit system.
  • For large sizes routers, X and Y axis are transmit by rack and pinion, Z axis is transmit by ball screw.
  • Nearly all machines use lineare square guide rails.


Spindles come in many powers. Depending on your applications, if process stone,metal and similar materials, a water cooled spindle is good choice,

if process wood,acrylic,etc, can choose air cooled spindle or water cooled spindle.

Different power spindles` collet sizes are different, you need to make a decision on the size of the collet and size of bits tooling. Most spindles on CNC Routers are permanetly greased bearings.

Control system

For normal 3 or 4 axis cnc router, China made CNC Routers usually use Ncstudio,Richauto DSP or Mach 3 controller.

For advanced cnc router such as cnc nesting machines or auto tool change cnc router, usually use Taiwan made Syntec system.

Machine table

  • T-slot table,hold the materials by clamps manually.
  • Vacuum table, hold the materials by suctions generate by a vacuum pump.

Dust collecting system

  • If engrave or cut wood,acrylic or similar materials,suggest buyers purchase the dust collecting system with the machine to collect the exhaust.
  • If engrave stone or metal, no need dust collecting system.

Options of CNC Router

Auto tool change

When you need several tools to complete one job, can use the auto tool change cnc router,the machine has 8-12 or more tools,spindle can

change different tools automatically. Surely,machine cost is more expensive than normal machines.

Rotary device

With the rotary,the machine can process round or square materials to manufacture columns,statues or figures.

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