Steel Pipe and Sheet CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Unique CNC Cutting Systems manufacturers high performance CNC plasma pipe and sheet cutting machines built for speed and accuracy. Our pipe cutting machines are designed to cut pipes to 20” in diameter. Each of our CNC pipe cutting machines can be configured for plasma cutting, oxy-fuel cutting or both.

Industrial Strength Plasma Cutting:

Our customers put their Unique CNC pipe and sheet cutting machines to many tests. We serve clients from a variety of industries including:

  • Metal furniture manufacturing

  • Sports equipment manufacturing

  • Amusement ride manufacturing

  • Storage tank fabricating

  • Steel fabrication

  • Process piping

  • And more

Unique CNC Steel Pipe and Sheet CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Parameters:

Model parameter Standard configuration Optional configurations
Model U-PC1530R U-PC1325R, other sizes can be customized
Sheet cutting size 1500x3000mm(5x10ft) 1300x2500mm(4x8ft) or customized
Pipe cutting diameter
20-400mm,  bigger diameters can be customized
Pipe cutting length
3000mm (10ft) or same as machine length
Plasma power supply China made Huayuan brand, 63A-200A USA made Hypertherm Powermax, 45A-200A
Motor Stepper motors and drivers Servomotors and drivers
Three axes repeat positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Process precision ±0.2-0.5mm
Transmission system X,Y Taiwan Hiwin high-precision, zero clearance increased linear guide+ rack
Z the arc voltage control
Max. moving speed 30m/min
Working voltage AC220/50-60HZ
Control system STARFIRE plasma cutting system,
Standard high sensitivity arc voltage device
Software support FASTCAM, AutoCAD
Instruction format G code
Power cutting ability China Huayuan 0.5-40mm,
US Powermax series 0.5-30mm

Recommended Plasma Cutting Systems:

  • USA Hypertherm series plasma power 45A-200A

  • China plasma power 63A-100A

This machine can equip with four separate processes including plasma,oxyfuel,drill and markers, all on one machine.
steel tube cnc plasma cutting machine

Video of Steel Pipe and Sheet CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

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