CNC Wood Turning Lathe With Auto Tool Changer

cnc wood turning lathe with ATC

CNC wood turning lathe with ATC (Auto Tool Changer) main features:
1. The Auto Tool Changer of this cnc wood turning lathe can install three tools for different functions, turning tool for outer turning, drilling tool for drilling in the wood, hollowing tool for inner hollowing.
2. The milling head can twisting, broaching and engraving 3D on columns.
3. The cnc wood turning lathe with ATC has steady rests to avoid the thin wood logs vibrating.
4. The user friendly controller is compatible with DXF files and G code generated by various CAD/CAM softwares.Programming take place on a computer with transfer of the programs via USB flash drive.
5. The CNC wood turning lathe with ATC is built by cast steel, heavy-duty and stable. Besides, machines adopt famous and popular components to guarantee long lifespan and smooth working.
6. The CNC wood lathe has auto lubricate system which can lubricate the guide rails and ball screw conveniently.

CNC wood turning lathe with ATC (Auto Tool Changer) parameters:

Model U-MC1530E U-MC2030E U-MC2530E
Processing length 30-1500mm (1.2 – 59”) 30-2000mm (1.2-79”) 30-2500mm (1.2-98”)
Turning diameter 20-300mm (0.8 – 12”)
Max.square 200mm
Machine dimension 3.0*1.5*1.7m 3.5*1.5*1.7m 4*1.5*1.7m
Package dimension 3.1*1.6*1.7m 3.6*1.6*1.7m 4.1*1.6*1.7m
Gross weight 1600kg 1800kg 2000kg
Quantity of shaft 1
Quantity of knives 2
Machine structure Cast steel
Transmit way Ball screws for Y,X and Z axis
Guide rails High quality linear square guide rails
Max.feeding rate 20m/min
Processing accuracy 0.001mm
Turning spindle motor power 4.5KW
Milling spindle 3.5KW, air cooling,0-18000rpm,ER25
Air pressure needed 0.6-0.8Mpa
Compatible design files .DXF files,G code
Programming softwards autoCAD, Artcam,Rhino,Mastercam,etc.
Voltage 380V or 220V, 50Hz or 60Hz
Lubricate system Yes
CNC wood turning lathe with ATC (Auto Tool Changer) samples:
cnc wood turning sample1
cnc wood turning lathe samples

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