product: 3 Axis CNC Router

3 Axis CNC Router

Entry Level Professional grade machine for small business use. These machines are capable of cutting or engraving a variety of hard materials like wood, acrylic,aluminum,composites, plastics and foams, giving you highly precise results.

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product: 4 Axis CNC Router

4 Axis CNC Router

The spindle can rotate ±90° for cutting,engraving,milling and trimming on arc surface. High Z for thick materials.

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product: 5 Axis CNC Router

5 Axis CNC Router

B series 5 axis cnc router maching center equips with movable gantry and fixed table. Can customize working size and other configurations as per your depands.

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product: EPS Styrofoam/Wood/Aluminum Mould CNC Router

EPS Styrofoam/Wood/Aluminum Mould CNC Router

This aluminum mold cnc equips with BT40 mechanical spindle and very rigid structure,X,Y and Z are all transmit by ball screws.

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product: Woodworking CNC Nesting Machine

Woodworking CNC Nesting Machine

Designed for the professional shop who doesn't want to invest in Automatic Tool Changing machine. Set each spindle up and cut without changing bits, 3-6kw air cooled spindles, economical ATC.

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product: Auto Tool Change CNC Router

Auto Tool Change CNC Router

Designed for the professional production shop where time is money. Saves time and ware on machine. 9KW HSD Spindle, Yaskawa Servo Motors and Driver. Syntec Control System.

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product: Multi Heads CNC Router

Multi Heads CNC Router

8 spindles can make 8 pieces products at a time,high efficiency.

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product: Antique Furniture Sofa Handrail CNC Milling Machine

Antique Furniture Sofa Handrail CNC Milling Machine

This machine is good help for solidwood furniture production,like sofa handrail,chair,bed,cabinet legs,curve doors etc.

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product: Stone 3D CNC Router

Stone 3D CNC Router

The stone CNC Router is widely used in carving 3D relief on stone,marble,granite,jade,sandstone,artificial stone,etc. Popular in tombstone carving,crafts and decoration industry.

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product: Metal Mold CNC Milling Machine

Metal Mold CNC Milling Machine

This machine can carve 3D on aluminum,copper,brass,steel,jade,crystal,stone,acrylic,wood and other materials. Popular in making metal molds.

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product: Customized CNC Router

Customized CNC Router

PVC PP pipe drilling machine,designed for pool water warmer industry.It can drill multi-holes in a time.

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