3 Axis CNC Router

Unique CNC, 3 Axis Wood CNC Router

3 Axis Wood CNC Router

Entry Level Professional grade machine for small business use. These machines are capable of cutting or engraving a variety of hard materials like wood, acrylic,aluminum,composites, plastics and foams, giving you highly precise results.

Unique CNC, Mini CNC Router 600*900mm

Mini CNC Router 600*900mm

600*900mm mini cnc router is a classic cnc for small business with affordable price.

Unique CNC, Mini desktop CNC Router

Mini desktop CNC Router

The U-R6090 table top CNC router is a versatile machine, with it’s compact design and high performance spindle it is capable of machining a vast range of materials and is used widely by engravers. Engraving plaques, memorial signs, nameplates, badges,PVC board,small arts, directional signs etc is easy on this machine.