• Posted 2020-06-15

HPL Cutting CNC Router U-R1325 with 9.0KW is ready to ship to Europe

Our client purchased this high-configured 3 axis cnc router for cutting hard HPL.

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  • Posted 2020-06-11

Multi-heads 3D CNC Router with 12 Spindles is ready to ship to UAE

Multi-heads 3D CNC Router with 12 Spindles can process 12 pieces products at a time,very high efficiency.

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  • Posted 2020-06-09

PVC Pipe CNC Drilling Machine is ready for shipping to the USA

Unique CNC U-R1300 PVC pipes cnc drilling machine is used for milling and drilling multiple holes on PVC pipes.

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  • Posted 2020-04-04

5W UV Laser Marking Machine for medical instrument is ready for shipping to New Zealand

UV laser marking machine can mark black color on white plastic.

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  • Posted 2020-04-03

U-R2060 ATC Large Scale Wood Nesting CNC Machine is ready to ship

This large scale 2x6m ATC has 12 tools,it can offer precision cutting, shaping and drilling for all kinds of materials from wood, plastics, laminates and metals.

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  • Posted 2019-10-28

U-R3060EPS Sailing Boat Mold CNC Carving Router finish training in Thailand

Machine size is 3x6x1.2M, our customer purchased this machine to make sailing boat and accessories mold.

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  • Posted 2019-08-13

Two sets U-R1325-3ST auto spindles changing cnc router machines are ready to ship to the USA

The two sets auto spindles changing cnc routers will cut coroplast,HDPE, PP and other lightweight stuff in customer`s shop. Changing different tools by changing the spindles automatically,economical auto tool change cnc router,high-cost effective for people who need 2-3 tools during production.

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  • Posted 2019-07-11

2x3m Auto Tool Change CNC Router For Wood Door Production is ready to ship to Brasil

Beautiful looks,stable performance and good price,make this machine popular in wood door,cabinet,and other furniture production.

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  • Posted 2019-07-11

4x8ft EPS Foam Cutting CNC Router for Greece customer

Our customer from Greece purchased this machine to make dinosaur molds for parks and zoos.

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  • Posted 2019-07-10

1300x2500x1000mm 4 axis heavy duty multi-functional statue figure foam mould cnc router is ready to ship to the Netherlands

Heavy duty structure with advanced configurations like HSD 9KW spindle, Yaskawa 1300W servo and rotating spindle.

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