HPL Cutting CNC Router U-R1325 with 9.0KW is ready to ship to Europe

HPL (High pressure laminate ) is made of phenolic resin impregnated sheets and a melamine resin impregnated decor, which are bonded under the combined effect of heat and pressure, thus producing a highly durable product. HPL is very popular in the solid surface industry and branded products such as FunderMax and Trespa are commonly cut on our CNC routers. The focus of this article is on machine fundamentals and selecting the right tool for the job when processing HPL on the CNC router.
Machine Considerations for cutting HPL
Unique CNC Routers` X and Y axis adopt helical rack transmit system, Z axis adopts ball screws couples with servo motor directly.This allows slightly feed rates and higher precision when cutting HPL.

Cutting speed
Machine cutting speed from 1.5m/min to 5m/min can be used when cutting high pressure laminate. Accordingly, need to reduce the spindle rpm. High speed may reduce the bits lifespan. If need faster speed, high cutting speed can be used but make sure you are using a new bit and be ready to change it regularly.

Cutting depth
Unique HPL cutting CNC Router can cut up to 1/2”(12.5mm) in a single pass with a good tool. 

HPL(high pressure laminate) cutting CNC Router main features
#9.0kw spindle, air cooling,0-24000rpm
#Yaskawa 750W servo driving with shimpo reducers
#Z axis servo has brake function to avoid the head falling down when power off suddenly 
#Z axis motor is directly connecting with ballscrews through the coupling
#X and Y axis are transmit by helical gear rack
#Combined vacuum suction and T slot table,can hold the HPL by suction or clamps
#DSP 3 axis controller
#Tool sensor 

Need a normal CNC Router to cut HPL? Please check our standard 3 axis cnc. 

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