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Jinan Unique CNC equipment Co., Ltd is a CNC machines manufacturer located in Jinan City, China, which specializes in manufacturing CNC machines, including 3-Axis and 4-Axis CNC Routers for woodworking,aluminum,acrylic,plastic,styrofoam processing; steel plate and tube cutting plasma,non-metal laser engraving cutting and engraving, laser marking machines. The machines are widely used in wood and acrylic furniture production, metal processing,sign making, mould production,etc. With years of experience and an energetic, cooperative team, we have gained honors from society and our customers.
We are still trying our best to produce innovative and stable products to help customers grow their business and career. The world's is moving, technology and standards grows every day, we are always on the way to research and manufacture CNC machines as customer and markets' requirements.

Jinan Unique CNC Co.,Ltd manufacturer
History and Mission

We keep innovating and improving machine details. Our goal is that our machines can service people all over the world.

  • Year-2007, our company established in Jinan City, company name was Jinan Xingjun Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd, we started to manufacture the basic machines like 3-axis cnc router and CO2 laser machines for non-metal materials. In this year, we only sold the machines in China.
  • Year-2008, established research department to develop new design and new industry machines. Meantime, established QC department and after-sale service team to make sure every machine was in best condition before delivery.
  • Year-2009, international trade department found,our machines started to service foreign customers. All the products got CE certifications in this year.
  • Year 2010-2013, our products made a breakthrough, ATC machines and metal cutting laser machines became more stable and stronger.
  • Year-2014, company name changed to Unique CNC, and got the trademark certificate.
  • Year-2015, furniture industry became rather flourishing, we developed a series woodworking cnc routers like 2/3/4 pneumatic cnc nesting machines with drills or saw, 12-24 tools ATC CNC Routers,side drilling machines, wood and foam molds cnc machines etc.
  • Year 2016-now, with clearer goal and mission, we are on the way to provide our customers with the most suitable machines. Our machines have sold to more than 60 countries all over the country.
We are in Jinan City
Socially Responsibility

One common view is that factories and engineers are morally responsible for the negative consequences which result from the various applications of their knowledge and inventions. We donate in environmental protection of charitable organizations due to our socially responsible. In our view, we manufacturer the best CNC machines for customers, that's the basic duty of us, what's more important, we are one among the society, so we abide by the rules and principles of environmental protection.

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We are looking for agents,distributors and partners all over the world. We can give you best quality machines with most reasonable prices. If you are in the way, please contact us: info@unique-cnc.com